Our SDK Team keeps creating SDKs from our APIs and release them on this page. We hope to eventually move to a Git based model.

Android Android: android-java.zip.

Tizen C++ Tizen C++: cpp.zip.

C# C#: csharp.zip.

Dart Dart: dart.zip.

Documentation Documentation: docs.zip.

Flash Flash: flash.zip.

Go Go: go.zip.

Java Java: java.zip.

Node.js Node.js: nodejs.zip.

Objective C Objective C: objc.zip.

Perl Perl: perl.zip.

PHP PHP: php.zip.

Python Python: python.zip.

Python3 Python3: python3.zip.

R R: r.zip.

Ruby Ruby: ruby.zip.

Scala Scala: scala.zip.

SDK Version

Generated on 2016-08-29.

API Documentation

For Up-to-Date Documentation on the API, hit docs.geog.co.

Contact Us

In case you encounter any issues or got stuck, we are there to help! If you have any valuable suggestions for us, send them our way as well! Contact us at support@geog.co.